Development Schemes Heading




Introduction: -

The Government of India has conveyed its approval for the Tea Board’s Scheme “Tea Development & Promotion Scheme” for implementation during the Medium Term Framework (MTF) (2017-18 to 2019-2020) vide letter No. T-17014/2/2016-Plant(A) dated 29-12-2017.

The scheme has the following seven major components covering the broad areas of Tea Board’s operation i.e. Plantation Development including small growers,Quality Upgradation and Product Diversification, Market Promotion, Research and Development, Welfare of Tea garden workers, Programme for Tea Regulation and Establishment expenses for overall protection, growth & sustenance of the Indian Tea Industry.


The above components primarily comprises extending subsidy/ financial incentives/ grant in aid for various activities carried out by different stakeholders for improving the Production, Productivity and Quality of Tea in India and Promotion of Indian Tea in the international market and Research and Development and also the expenditure on salary, pension, establishment and administrative expenses for the human resources of the Tea Board for implementing the scheme.

The Tea Board of India has finalized the modalities for implementation of subsidy/ financial incentives/ grant in aid under various components, clearly describing the eligibility norms, unit costs, and extent of support for various categories of stakeholders. The subsidy/ financial incentives under the various components will be distributed by various departments of the Board depending on the types of activities/ beneficiaries.