Ques 1:  How to Sign up on online eGiCCS Portal?

Answer: In order to create login credentials on the online eGiCCS portal visit our site http://egiccs.teaboard.gov.in and click on Sign-Up Option

Declare all mandatory details such as name, organisation details, communication details and selection of User Id and Password and click on Register to create the login credentials.

Once clicked on 'Register' an OTP would be sent to both E-mail and Mobile Number declared in the registration FORM and once the OTP has been verified User would be able to process further with its Login Credentials.




Ques 2: What is the Procedure for applying for License / Registration?

Answer: Login with your user credential and select apply for license/Registration from the Tab License/registration and proceed. Follow the following steps-

                                1- Firstly you should accept the undertaking

                                2- Select the state

                                3- Select the Type of License / Registration

                                4- Furnished the relevant details as per the category of license / registration selected

                                5- Upload Supporting Documents

                                6- Pay Fees Online wherever applicable

                                7- Print Form and sign the same. after scanning this form upload it and acknowledgement will be generated

Ques 3: What is the mode of Payment?

Answer: The application fees for various applications are to be done via online payment mode either by credit card, debit card or net banking.

Ques 4:How to Upload Documents?

Answer: The documents are to be scanned and generate separate pdf for each documents and select file to upload for each document



Ques 5: When will Applicant receive SMS and E-mail?

Answer: Applicant receive SMS & E-mail at each and every step that has been listed below:-

                                         1- After Sign up

                                         2- After submission of application

                                         3- If clarification is sought by TBI officials

                                         4- After document scrutinization is completed and application is processed further

                                         5- In case of Inspection

                                         6- In accepted for License generation

                                         7- Once the license is generated

Ques 6: Where Applicant gets application reference number?

Answer: Application reference number is available in the receipt generated after application submission or on the online FORM submitted.

Ques 7: How to check the Status of application?

Answer: The current application status of the application can be tracked from the field ‘Track Application Status’ by entering the reference number.


Ques 8: How to apply for renewal of a license?

Answer: Applicant would have to login into the eGiCCS system via its login credentials as used to take the original license and select apply for renewal under the head Renewal to process the application for renewal.


Ques 9: Documents required for various applications?

Answer: The documents list for various application process are made available over the eGiCCS home page.


Ques 10: Can License that has expired can be renewed?

Answer: The license that has once expired cannot be renewed and applicant would have to apply for a fresh license and system would provide a fresh license number to the applicant.

Ques 11: How to retrieve user credentials?

Answer: The User Credentials can be retrieved from the eGiCCS login page by entering the User ID or Registered E-mail ID or Mobile Number or Application Reference Number.



Ques 12: Fees required for various applications?

Answer: The fee structure for various application process are made available over the eGiCCS home page.