Human Resource Development (Welfare of Tea Garden Work Force)

Sub Component 5.1.  Health


  1. Assistance will be provided for specialised medical facilities for the treatment of T.B., Cancer, Leprosy, Eye, Heart, Kidney disease etc., which are not available for tea garden workers and their dependents in the Tea Garden Hospitals.
  2. Grants are also given for purchase of equipment like X-Ray plant, surgical instruments, ambulance etc. required for specialized treatment.
  3. The Board may also sanction in special cases necessary recurring grants towards maintenance of beds in hospitals for tea garden patients.

Sub-Component 5.2. Education


To help in securing better working conditions towards improvement of amenities and incentives for workers by providing grant of Educational stipends to their wards.

Tea Board would implement a special scheme known as “Nehru Award” for the meritorious students of tea plantations.

To assist the needy students of closed tea garden/ students of gardens affected by natural calamities to buy books or Uniform for continuing their study.

The Board’s grant under the financial Assistance Scheme towards Bharat Scouts & Guides cover payment towards

  1. salary and allowances for maintenance of posts of Districts Scouts/Guide Organisers.
  2. re-imbursement of training camp charges,
  3. payment for holding rallies, rally-cum-camps, jamborees etc. and
  4. matching grant for purchase of uniform to tea garden scouts/guides etc.

Sub-Component 5.3. Training


For creation of more and more employment opportunities to the people in tea plantation area, the Board may sanction financial assistance to the authorities of the institutions/organizations involved in the activities of conducting Vocational Training Course. The grant will be sanctioned for the purpose of conducting Vocational Training courses amongst the wards of tea plantation workers and their dependents only for duration of six months to one year for each course of vocational training.


Sub-Component 5.4. Funding the Plantation Welfare related projects of Tea Growing States


Wherever possible fund will be provided to the major tea growing States of Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala in alignment with the activities through national level welfare schemes implemented in tea gardens as well.