Research and Development


The scheme has the following sub-components covering the broad areas of Research and Development:

Sub-Component 4.1. Financial Assistance to TRA and UPASI-TRF


To support Tea Research Institutes for undertaking focused research and extension activities for the improvement of production and quality, processing, mechanization and other relevant demand driven research for tea industry.


Sub-Component 4.2. Research funding for projects to institutes other than TRA and UPASI


To assist in conducting research through integrated projects involving various tea research institutes and other national institutes/universities in the areas of Tea improvement, Tea Protection, Tea quality and mechanization, Climate change and its impact on tea etc.


Sub-Component 4.3. Financial assistance to universities for running specialized course on tea


Financial assistance to universities for running specialized course on tea husbandry and management.


Sub-Component 4.4. Seminar, Conference and Workshops for dissemination of research output


Dissemination of scientific information, interaction between the scientists, users/beneficiaries and policy makers, discussion for new ideas, review of present status of research and formulation of future research programs, for attending both national and international seminar/workshop/meetings etc.